Shebeen: musical storytelling evening | Black Music Renaissance 24. Feb 2017

In cooperation with Werkstatt der Kulturen and the award-winning Black American pianist Kelvin Sholar, MAYIBUYE  presents the SHEBEEN: visiting the roots. A musical Storytelling Evening.

Werkstatt der Kulturen
Wissmannstraße 32, 12049 Berlin-Neukoelln
closest U-Bahn : Hermannplatz
web :

Historical Background:
Shebeen: visiting the roots
This is where we tell our stories, exchange ideas, have heated political discussions, enjoy live music, relax over a traditional home made beer and reminisce about the past and plan the future. The audience become part of the play.
The evening is a host to South African’s most celebrated art & cultural scenes. There will be live music, exhibitions, discussions, performances and much more.
South Africa is a country which is deeply entrenched in the spirit of ubuntu. It is with this fundamental conviction that we welcome you to experience our amazing diverse art & culture. Please be welcome!

Founded during the apartheid period in black townships in South Africa, shebeens are communal talking, laughing, and
drinking spaces. While they were illegal, Shebeens provided a place for black people to meet, socialise and party.
Shebeens started as an alternative to pubs and bars which during apartheid times, black Africans were barred from entering. Despite their illegal status, Shebeens served as a unifying space for the community, providing a feeling of togetherness especially against the brutal system of oppression and segregation enforced by the apartheid regime.
They played an essential political and social role during apartheid in South Africa, it was a meeting point for heated political discussion and people could express themselves artistically and culturally. People from different economic classes, lawyers, activists, musicians and so forth met under the same roof.
Today many shebeens are legal and safe to visit.

Doors open: 21.00h
Admission fee: 15,- / 10,- / 5,- € (Berlinpass) | children under 14 : free
More info:

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