June 16 Street – Celebrating 40 years of Youth Day

FINAL JUNE 16 STREET POSTER 8 JUNEExperiencing South Africa in its diversity all the way from the 1970s to 2016

This is a street of South Africa. The minute one enters this street one gets the feeling of the world THEY knew as South Africans who left home during apartheid. This is due to the historical elements that decorate the street, from the Kaiser Chiefs and Pirates football clubs posters of the 70s to the Sam Nzima’s famous Hector Pietersen photograph, including many other historical items on display that reminds us of life in the 70s, 80s, 90s all the way to the new South Africa.

This is also a street that is foreign to many who have not lived through that period in South Africa. However, the idea is to experience the atmosphere that was to what it is today through its diversity – culturally and otherwise.

This street will be buzzing with vibrant activities and different items on display that will give a clear picture of the period between the 70s and the present.

The street will have South African art on display which will include photography of South Africa, then and now, historical posters, video installation, video booth, skype live broadcasting with South Africa, Live podium discussion with a shebeen-like political-talk style, braai, South African drinks, South African literature, newspapers, magazines, family photos, street buskers, and to close with a Music Jam Session and DJ.

KIDS CORNER with South African game activities.

Quiet and engaging atmosphere of Entertainment, but still informative!

DRESS as you wish, from the period of the 70s SOUTH AFRICA to TODAY’S SOUTH AFRICA

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